Covel letter & CV TITEL ONLY

so i am fixing my cover letter for specific project called NEOM but more specifically in the part that between france and Saudi arabia where they talk about bringing the tourism culture.i have pre wrote the cover letter but it need more search about the project it self and the name of people that involved and responsible. missing some parts such as the job discerptionwhat i need is:COVER LETTER:1- need search on the name of the person responsible of that part of the project on both sides saudi arabia and france ( two names ) or the HR2- more adopting my cv to fit with the job position on that project more in between both countries3- no repeating same information on the CVCV:1- there is a shot paragraph on the begining i need to re-write that to fit with the position ” its some how of small CV in the CV shows what i want and haveneeded today or tomorrow please if there is linkend of the name of people you searched for or found them on linkedin involve them on the chat


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