Comparative Essay (extensive)

Here are the steps:1) Complete the readings concerning “Comparative Essay” and “Synthesis”2) Select two works from The Norton Introduction to Literature3) Write an essay of 750-1000 words that compares elements of the two different works. ¬†You might consider, for example, comparing the plots of two stories, or the characters in two plays, or the symbols in two poems, etc.(Some elements that you might consider plays: plot, structure, setting, tone, language, symbol, theme, character) (Some elements that you might consider stories: plot, setting, character, theme, symbols, narration & point of view.) (Some elements that you might consider poems: speaker, situation, setting, theme, tone, language, imagery, figures of speech, symbol, sounds, structure, form.)Use the rubric to assist you in understanding how your work will be graded.Full instructions attached.


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