Assignment: Using the “Ten Tips for a Clear Writing Style”

Edit the following passage using the “Ten Tips for a Clear Writing Style.” Keep revising the passage until you are sure that you have made it as clear and concise as possible.Hint: Fewer words is usually better! Try to eliminate words and combine ideas without losing the meaning of the passage.There are a lot of people doing research today who are conducting an investigation into how the things in our heads work. The question they are looking to answer is how our brains store stuff. One woman in psychology is focusing on animal studies. Dr. Phyllis Johnson is doing experiments with rats who are running around in confusing places. She is looking to find out how neurological impulses work as these rodents are going through the mazes. A man who is also in psychology, Dr. Louis Young, is working with human subjects who are students at the local college. These subjects will be doing things inside magnetic resonance imaging machines. It is hoped that these things that they do will be providing answers to long-standing questions about stuff we remember.


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