ARGUMENT ESSAY on Hemingway’s “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber”

PICK ONLYONETOPIC AND WRITE AN ARGUMENT ESSAY. (see attached file for short story)WORD REQUIREMENT: MINIMUM 1,000 WORDS. On ALL answers, use information either in quotations or paraphrased from the text to support your points, but please make sure that quotes are not more than 15% of the paper at the most. Do not merely give a synopsis of the story. Each topic sentence begins with an argument to support your thesis. And please spell Hemingway correctly! Review Preview Lesson on formatting and development for essays.1) Evaluate Hemingway personally on the basis of his Macomber story line, characters, and personal biography. What have you concluded about his feelings toward women, fidelity, relationships, and so forth? Cite your references for this opinion. This could also verge on the causes if you speculate on the causes for his attitudes as expressed in the short story.2) Do you think Macomber’s death was accidental or deliberate? If you believe it was deliberate, what were Margot’s motives, in detail, and when do you believe she began to plan to kill him? Do you think Wilson knew of her plans? Form an opinion, write a thesis with respect to it, and argue to support it. Probably causal.3) Had Francis not been shot, predict what would have happened (causal) when the couple arrived back home? What evidence from the story leads you to these conclusions? Consider the following questions. Would Francis have reverted back to his pre-Africa temperament? Would he have given Margot an ultimatum to stop her affairs and belittling? Speculate on their post-Africa life.4) The point of view of this story is one that allows the reader entry into the consciousness of the various characters at different points. Into whose mind does the reader see most, whose least, why? Which character does Hemingway’s style favor best? Form a general thesis describing Hemingway’s style that will allow you to mention the various characters.


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