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For this activity, you will create a poster for a social movement that you are either a part of or see yourself as aligned with. This should be accompanied with an explanation of the message contained in your poster and its intended audience. Furthermore, you should also include some explanation about how your poster could convince your audience about supporting a particular cause.Please note that I will not be grading you on your artistic ability but rather on how well a message is conveyed through your poster. In other words, you should try to create a poster that clearly articulates a message. Good posters contain both verbal as well as non-verbal (i.e. graphic/drawing) components. Don’t lean on one at the cost of the other. All posters should be accompanied by an explanation. You are welcome to create a digital poster or make an actual one and then upload a picture of it followed by an explanation of its different components. Make sure the picture is of a good resolution so that I can see the different components of the poster.


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