5 page essay using 4 readings (Plus a cover page)

(((     I Have Chosen the four readings that i would want this paper to include, also the professor wants me to include what “I think of the stories and how it relates to me agreeing that women shouldnt be what society wants them to be”. that being said, using the four readings i chosen i want you to relate those readings in a an way possible to support my idea on that women shouldnt be treated like housewifes and should have the same or almost the same rights as men. and not be judged by society. This paper has to have a Cover Page, and a works cited page(Using the four readings) and the essay has to be MLA double spaced format and 5 pages long, so a total of 7 pages with the cover page and works cited.   ))) Here is the Rubric belowThroughout the first half of the semester, we’ve explored the role of women as seen through theMexican Literature we’ve encountered. As a class we’ve discussed the ways these narrativeshave been developed since the arrival of the Spanish. Two women have defined Mexico,socially, culturally, religiously, and historically: La Malinche and La Virgen de Guadalupe.Using the literature you have read in class thus far:1. Explain the role of women in Mexico and their narratives.2. Describe how these narratives affected your own views towards women.3. Finally explain your position on the following:Is is justified for la Malinche to be considered a traitor to Mexico? Consider everyaspect of her life and circumstance.In order to complete this paper you will useat least four (4)of the readings we’ve covered inclass so far.Papers will beat least five (5)pages in length, and will include a cover page. Cover pages donot count as a page.Points will be deducted for grammar and spelling errors, so please review and proofread yourpapers.


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