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1. (2 point) What is critical thinking, and how can it be applied to ethical issues involving cyber-technology?2. (2 point) What is a logical argument and how is it different from a claim or a statement?3. (6 points) What is the essential difference between an argument that is valid and one that is invalid? Construct an example of each.4. (2 point) What is a counterexample, and how can it be used to show that an argument is invalid?5. (2 point) What is the Ad Hominem Fallacy?6. (2 point) What is the Slippery Slope Fallacy?7. (2 point) What is the Fallacy of Appeal to Authority (Ad Vericundiam)?8. (2 point) What is the False Cause Fallacy?9. (4 point) What is the difference between the Fallacy of Composition and the Fallacy of Division? Provide an example of each fallacy involving either an issue in cyber-ethics or an aspect of cyber-technology.10. (2 point) What is the Fallacy of Ambiguity?11. (2 point) What is the Fallacy of Appeal to the People (Ad Populum)?12. (2 point) What is the Virtuality Fallacy?


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